5 Steps to a Successful 2017

As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand the need for constant motivation. Big ideas often lead to large workloads and the need for plenty of support. That’s why I have compiled these 5 easy steps to a successful 2017 that you can take on yourself to pave the way to an inspired work year ahead.

5 Steps to a Successful 2017

1. Clear out the clutter

There will be left over tasks from 2016 that you just didn’t get to. And the office space or top drawer you promised you’d clear out in the last week of work or during the holidays is still spilling over with odd sketches, full notebooks or unfiled bills. Give your workspace a fresh look with a new view, a freshly hung picture or pot plant, and a clean feel with leg room, stress ball and motivational placard at the ready.

2. Write down your goals

Even if these are carrying over from last year, rewrite them from the new perspective 2017 brings. Maybe you’ve been wanting to enter a new market; add a new service to your deliverables; streamline some of your processes or find a new office space. Write down short, medium and long term goals; as well as goals that should be simple, to goals that may be a little harder to achieve. These can be placed on a placard on the wall above your desk, or even within your usual to-do list, and dated for when you would ideally like these to roll-out.


3. Keep a To-Do list

Make this list specific to your work tasks, and separate your list of to do’s for each client. Date each task and sub-task. An excellent app that you can sync to multiple devices is Wunderlist for Android or iOS; and via the Google Apps Web Store. You can even assign tasks to colleagues who also make use of the app. Be sure to reassign tasks that you don’t get to in a day to the following day or later in the week to keep organised. And very importantly, occasionally click the ‘Show completed ‘To-do’s’ tab’ to remind yourself of what you have achieved that day.

4. Have more than one work space

Very quickly your assigned work space can become uninspiring. No matter how great it is. While routine can help you achieve a lot in a day, it can also stunt growth, inspiration and fresh ideas. Have a second and even third work space. Perhaps it could be somewhere more public, a shared workspace or trendy Wifi equipped coffee bar. Or it could be somewhere more serene, like a spot on a bench outdoors. It could even just be a thinking space, while you take a stroll along a sidewalk, beach front, or forest path with a flat white before heading back to the desk. A day or even an hour in a different environment encourages creativity.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Entrepreneurs are often people who have had the guts and determination to go out on their own with a new idea and persevere in trying to be successful. It often means they work long hours, take on too much work, give too many discounts or favours and constantly think they could do more. This is part of the reason for their success (except for the discounts part). Once a week at least, give yourself a pat on the back for the guts you had to go out on your own in the first place and reward yourself with an afternoon or evening (for those who work long hours) off, a sleep in or extra curricular activity one morning or splashing out a bit on a new office item or gadget, work outfit or even an extra cup of your favourite coffee.

Here’s to a successful 2017 ahead, with wide open spaces of opportunity and creativity waiting to be absorbed.