How can I open a new email account for my business?

Open a new email account for my business

How can I open a new email account for my business? As an entrepreneur starting your own business, or an employee of a small or start up business, it is no longer professionally acceptable in most industries to operate with a gmail, yahoo or generic email account. Nor is it difficult to open your own business email account. Generic email addresses should be restricted to personal use. Even if you prefer to use an online email client such as Gmail, it is still possible to open a business email account, an operate it via your online email client. But first, let’s explore some of the terminology, and follow it up with some simple steps to help you open your new professional business email account.

What is an email client?

An email client is the software that you make use of to manage your email. If using a PC operating Windows, it is likely you will be using Microsoft Outlook. If you are using a Mac, you will likely be using Apple Mail. You may be using an online email client such as Gmail or Yahoo. Your devices, such as your tablet and mobile phone will also be running their own email clients. It is useful to identify which email clients you are using on each of your devices.

What is an email account?

An email account is an email address that you use to receive and send out emails. These emails are viewed and sent out via your email client, as described above. It is possible to manage more than one email account from your email client. It is also possible to manage a single email account from multiple devices. For example, you may receive and send out emails via your home computer, your laptop and your mobile phone using the same email address. As a result, you are making use of multiple email clients to manage a single email account.

How can I open a new email account for my business?

Before you open a new email account, you need to register a new domain for your business. This is a web address that you would like to use to one day host a website, and the address your email will take on. For example – or and your email would be or You can read more about how to register a domain here. Once you have registered your new domain, follow these steps:

    1. Purchase a monthly hosting package on your domain. Once you have opened an account with your host provider (We recommend either Afrihost or Hetzner), you will have been sent login details for that account. Login to your account. Open a hosting package for your domain. This will be at a monthly fee. Each hosting package offers a set of services. Consider how many email accounts you are likely to need at this stage of your business, and select a hosting package that covers this service.  As you can see below, Afrihost offers a hosting package for R49/month ($4/month) which allows for 75 email accounts. It also allows for 1 MySQL database – this will be necessary if you wish to host a website on this domain in the future.
    2. Go to the cPanel or KonsoleH to open a new email account. These login details would have been sent to you via your primary email address when you registered your new domain. The cPanel or KonsoleH is a dashboard which allows you to manage your domain, including your email accounts and website. Once you have logged in, navigate to the ‘Email’ section of the dashboard and select ‘Email Accounts’. Open a new email account by filling in the handle you wish to use for your account, for example info@, admin@, yourname@; and set a password. Remember this password as you will use it when setting up your email account with your email client.


Setting up my new email account

Now that you have created your new email account, you will need to configure it with your email client on your devices. Start by doing this on your primary device where you are most likely to send and receive emails, for example, you laptop.

  1. To access your configuration details, login to your hosting account and access the cPanel or KonsoleH for your domain. With Hetzner, navigate to Mail > Manage Accounts. With Afrihost, navigate to Mail > Email Accounts > Find the email account you wish to find settings for and click the ‘More’ dropdown menu > Configure Email Client. This will give you incoming and outgoing server settings as well as port numbers for manual configuration of your email account.
  2. These settings along with the password you created when you opened the account, can be used to set up you new email. In your email client, click ‘Add new account’. Most email clients can automatically configure your new email using simply the Username: (your new email address); and the password you created when opening the account. Should you require the manual settings to set up the account, use the incoming and outgoing servers and port settings you have found. Most email clients come with support material on how to add a new email account. See Outlook 2010; Apple Mail, Gmail. Don’t forget to set up your email accounts on your other devices too. See iPhone or iPad; Samsung Galaxy S6
  3. With Gmail, it is possible to send/receive emails from another email account, other than your Gmail account. Once the account has been configured (see tutorial in Step 2), you simply select which account you wish to send from.

Your manual email configuration settings should look something like this, as an example:

Secure SSL/TLS Settings

Password: use the email account’s password.

Incoming Server:
IMAP Port: 123
POP3 Port: 123

Outgoing Server:
SMTP Port: 123

Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.

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